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Taxidermy mount care

Care of stuffed birds and animals reminds care of fur products. The main advice: "The stuffed animals should be placed in a place where there is no direct sunlight, this will help to protect from the rapid burning of fur or feathers. Negatively affects the conservation of stuffed animals and birds, sharp changes in temperature and humidity"

At least once every six months, it is necessary to clean the stuffed animal from dust. To do this, take a slightly wet brush or brush, also fit a cotton swab, and carefully along the feather or fur, without touching the animal's skin, never soak a stuffed animal or bird, a slightly moistened brush is enough to handle the stuffed animal from dust.

It is PROHIBITED to remove dust from a stuffed animal with a vacuum cleaner!

Treatment from insects (moth, dermestid beetles) is carried out 2 times a year - in the spring and autumn, and also if insects themselves are found or traces of their vital activity. Scheduled processing is carried out as follows. Small stuffed ones are folded into a plastic bag, larger ones in a polyethylene sleeve for greenhouses, tied on one side. Then, an aerosol preparation against insects is sprayed inside the package until a dense "fog" forms and the package is tightly closed for a period of not less than 3 days. When insects are detected, the treatment is carried out as planned, but stuffed animal is kept in the package for at least 6 days, and the entire procedure is carried out twice with a break of 10-12 days.