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Hazel grouse Taxidermy Mount For Sale

Latin name:

Tetrastes bonasia


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Picture is inserted into the furniture, with lighting.
The hazel grouse (Tetrastes bonasia), sometimes called the hazel hen handmade product made from real animals, real taxidermy, real fur, a method of taxidermy using high-quality materials (USA, Germany, Denmark), which will keep the stuffed animals for many years without losing color.

Suitable for decoration of a cabinet, restaurant, classroom, museum exposition, country house, apartment, bedroom, hall, sauna, bars, clubs, hunting lodge, billiard rooms. This home decoration will be a great gift for a birthday, an anniversary or a present.
Collectors will find a lot of new for their collection.

This product if it's a medallion, it's hung on the wall (there's a special mount), and if it's a stand, it's put on a table, a bollard or on the floor
Tracking number of the parcel you receive after 1-5 working days after payment.

Height: 91 cm or 36 inches
Width: 71 cm or 28 inches

When ordering from two lots, you get discount. 
I accept orders for the manufacture and delivery of any type of animal. I send lots to anywhere in the world (documents are attached)
Write to me, I will gladly answer. I am a fully registered company. I will be glad to cooperate on an ongoing basis. On delivery to you without your participation, please contact us, we will discuss the details

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